Investment Considerations


Juniper considers investments across different sector, asset and transaction types in the resource space. The key for us is to focus on the highest quality, carefully selected opportunities.

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The Right Product

  • Positioned to capture superior returns
  • Leverage on macroeconomic environment and industry fundamentals
  • Strategic fit with investment focus and requirements

The Right Time

  • Where market dislocations and instability create attractive investment entry points
  • Competitive early mover position for liquid pools of capital
  • Still at a stage where there is relatively fewer competition

The Right Partner

  • Alignment in investment thesis and philosophy
  • Recognised name, brand and exemplary track record
  • Platform to allow further expansion of investment size and scope

Ability to Deliver

  • The right people behind it that have a strong history of delivering results
  • The appropriate team, skillset, infrastructure and scalability to create value


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